Science, culture and spirituality influence sickness transmission beliefs

Friday, September 10, 2021

................."The nexus between science, culture and spirituality make sickness transmission beliefs a very complex web."

Ms Vanessa Sparke, Lecturer in Nursing and Midwifery, and Course Coordinator of the Graduate Certificate of Infection Control at James Cook University (JCU) is undertaking research in partnership with the staff at Atoifi Adventist Hospital around infection control.

Coming to the end of her PhD, Vanessa recently entered a competition where you have to promote your research and results in a 3 minute video. Vanessa won the competition at her College level at JCU, and is now in the University final which is judged on Monday 13 September - good luck Vanessa!

Vanessa's presentation is called, 'The complex nexus of life, beliefs and disease: how we achieve true balance.' and you can watch it here:

For more information about this presentation, or Vanessa's research, please email: Vanessa Sparke


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