Infection Control study at Atoifi Adventist Hospital gets underway

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Data collection for the study “Improving infection control at Atoifi Adventist Hospital, Solomon Islands: A participatory action research approach” commenced at Atoifi in October 2018. This study uses a technique called ‘Photovoice’. This technique involved health workers, cleaners, cooks and maintenance staff at the hospital taking photos in response to the statement; “From your perspective, how does sickness pass from one person to another at Atoifi Hospital?” All of the photos were downloaded onto a computer, printed and laminated.
People were then asked to select a few of the best photos that had the most meaning. They were asked to talk about their photos using the acronym PHOTO as a guide.
P = Describe your Picture
H = What is Happening in your picture?
O = Why did you take a picture of this?
T = What does your picture Tell us about your role in the hospital?
O = How can this picture provide Opportunities to improve infection control at Atoifi Adventist Hospital?
The stories behind each photo will be analyzed to help understanding issues around infection control at the hospital. When this is complete further workshops will discuss what can be done to improve infection control at the hospital.

Thank you to the staff that participated and also to the hospital administration for supporting this research.

Vanessa Sparke
Lecturer, Nursing and Midwifery
James Cook University, Cairns Campus
Queensland, Australia

Photo: Becky Ngatulu, Daisy Fatalaea and Hemaema Toloka looking at the photos and deciding on the ones they want to discuss in the interview.

Photo supplied by Vanessa Sparke.