Welcome to the Atoifi Health Research Group

The Atoifi Health Research Group is a group of health researchers and community members committed to grass roots ‘learn by-doing’ approach to research. The Group aims to strengthen research capacity by conducting health research in Solomon Islands to enable a Pacific Islands approach to understanding health issues affecting Pacific Islands communities.

In 2008, Atoifi Adventist Hospital invited public health researchers from James Cook University, Australia to facilitate research capacity strengthening activities for Hospital and College of Nursing staff. Community leaders and local chiefs were invited and have been central to the success of the Research Group. The research capacity strengthening approach has been designed to take into account the diverse social, cultural and spiritual context of the remote hospital.

The first 'Introduction to Health Research' workshop was facilitated in 2009. Since that time, there have been numerous research capacity strengthening workshops and community-based participatory research projects that respond to local health priorities. These include tuberculosis, soil-transmitted helminths, HIV, malaria and lymphatic filariasis. All activities have an explicit 'learn by doing' approach. Peer-reviewed publications and workshop reports can be found on the Resources page of this website.

We thank you for your interest in the work of our Group and invite you to contact us: humpress.harrington@gmail.com or david.maclaren@jcu.edu.au

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