Internet Upgrade Improves Communication

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Upgraded satellite dish at Atoifi

Communication between members of the Atoifi Health Research Group is now much easier following the upgraded internet link at Atoifi Hospital. Through the support of WHO-TDR Research Capacity Strengthening Grant, James Cook University Audio-Visual Services and South Pacific Division of SDA Church, hardware has been upgraded and speeds dramatically increased. The new system supports webcams and video-conferencing which enables fast and efficient communication.

Testing took place during the research capacity strengthening workshop at Atoifi between 18-21 August. Planning local responses to the measles outbreak in East Kwaio villages was one of the first official uses of the upgraded system. On 25th August, members of the Atoifi Health Research Group were able to discuss actions to track and respond to the measles outbreak with Emeritus Professor Rick Speare (Director, Tropical Health Solutions) using Skype – something that would have been impossible just one week earlier.