Family planning to save lives

Thursday, September 17, 2020

JCU PhD candidate and Atoifi Health Research group member, Relmah Harrington, is one of the many women in health working to create a safer future for families in the Pacific. Relmah is an experienced nurse, midwife and educator researching how family planning services could save lives in the Solomon Islands.

Imagine a commercial plane, carrying 200 passengers crashing every six hours, killing all passengers continuously the whole day, the whole week, the whole month and the whole year. In 2017, more than 800 women died worldwide every day from preventable causes related to pregnancy. Globally, strong advocates support the use of family planning contraceptives as cost effective interventions to reduce these deaths.

The Solomon Islands is a low-income pacific nation. About 80 per cent of people live in rural and remote areas. On average, one woman dies every three weeks from pregnancy complications. Imagine you are a father in the Solomon Islands expecting the birth of your next child. You did not plan this pregnancy, it just happened. Your wife leaves to give birth and does not come back. You are shocked to hear she tragically dies giving birth. No more hugs, no kisses, there was no good bye. Thoughts raised in your head, "who will bring home food from the gardens?", "who will take care of the children?", "who will do the washing or cook?". How can these tragedies be prevented and the situations improved?

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Photo: Relmah Harrington